Saturday, January 12, 2013

She Matters

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted.  Things sure have been busy!  :)  I've created lots of art lately.  I've loved taking a workshop from Mindy Murphy Lacefield from  I highly recommend any of her workshops.  She really helped me connect to my inner child.  So much fun!!!

So back in mid December I created this painting.
I listed it on Etsy last Sunday and it sold this week!  Here is the story that the buyer included with her purchase:  This piece has really inspired me this week. I am an urban elementary school principal and after 14 years of practice I am faced with a new challenge. One of my sixth graders (12 years old) has recently found out she is pregnant. This piece will hang in my office as a reminder that I am committed to helping this young person discover her passions, receive a world class education and prepare for her life ahead. Thank you for creating this piece, as it brings a visual reminder to the essence of my work.
Her story really touched me.  Such a sad story and a tough situation.  If only there were more principals out there like this!  I've been praying for everyone involved in that situation.  I hope you'll join me in praying!  

I'm so thankful she shared her story with me.  It's encouraging to hear how something I create really helps someone.  When I created "She Matters", I was remembering the struggles I had with my self image and I reflected on where I am now.  God has shown me that I do matter, that I am special to Him.  Just before Christmas, this is what I journaled:  "So  after I made this painting, God gave me the idea to create girl paintings with positive messages.  It reminds me of the art journaling class I want to teach, called "His Esteem".  "His Esteem" can also be the name of this art series.  God has shown me that He loves me and that I matter.  I want others to experience God's esteem for themselves.  Now to come up with sayings to have ready!"

It is so important to me to help others, in regards to how they view themselves, and for them to see how God sees them.  Our self image really plays a big role in our lives.  It impacts how we live and the decisions we make.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope to post more very soon with some of my latest artings!

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  1. This is an amazing story. There's so much bad in the world and it's good to see people are trying to make it just a little bit better. Love this story and the teacher that's honestly concerned with a students life. I just found your art/YouTube/Facebook/and blog today! Your art is just precious! I'm a fan and gonna stick around and see what new things you show us :-)
    Have a blessed day!