Monday, April 22, 2013

The Past Two Weeks

Well, I am finally a stay home mom.  I quit work last Friday.  It still isn't quite sinking in.  Hopefully, I will be able to keep up with my blog, youtube, and facebook pages A LOT more!  Leaving work was kind of sad.  I worked there for 13 years.  I will still stop in and visit everyone there once in awhile.  On my last week, I received some great gifts.  One of my coworkers made me this sweet goodbye present.  I wanted to play with it at my desk all day. 

I said many goodbyes and cried several times.  After I got off of work, my husband surprised me!  He told me he was out of town all day.  I believed him.  He showed up at the end of my last work day, with flowers, a charm for my bracelet, and told me he was taking me out for lunch.  He took the whole day off to spend time with me.  He wanted to make my day more memorable and help through the sad parts.  He's amazing!  Here is a small collage of things from that day...

The weekend prior to quiting work, I had my first craft show.  The week before was a busy trying to get ready for it!
My business card holder!

 My banner!

I had a 6x6 area to set up.  I didn't get it set up how I wanted to.  I had more displays to use, but it would have been too cramped.  

It was really slow, but I did make some sales.  This is my Usher pose, trying to lure people in.

I tried to keep low expectations so I wouldn't get discouraged.  I am happy with how it went!  I got a little experience under my belt, met some new people, made a little more money than expected, and had lots of laughs with my hubby.  :)  I have another craft show next month.  It should be a bigger turn out.  We will see how that one goes.  

That's all for now!  I hope to blog again soon.


  1. Your area at the show looks great! And congratulations on being a stay at home mom! A choice I never regretted, for sure. You've got everything going for you! A supportive husband, kids, art (I love your art!), and you get to be at home (even though it is a lot more work than people think)! And your faith! Rock on, Princess!!!!