Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday's List of Favorite Art Supplies

Are you surprised? I'm writing 2 days in a row so far! Been a busy day. I bought the Caran d'Ache oil pastels I've been wanting. I went with the 12 pack and bought 2 other colors that I love. I can't wait to play with them! 

So here are today's supplies:

These are my favorite! You can see me using these often in my art and in my art videos. Those with the wooden stick handle are called Catalyst Blades. They come in 6 different blades, and in 3 sizes. They come in sizes 15mm, 30mm, and 50mm. I use 15mm and 30mm. The other items are called Catalyst Wedges. The come with 3 different shapes. You can buy them at Hobby Lobby, Dick Blick, and Amazon. I use them a lot for creating texture. It's fun to apply and scrape off paint with all of them!

These are cheap and easy to find tools. I hoard old gift cards. If I lose one, I won't be sad! :)  I use them to apply paint. The others are palette knives. The palette knife in the middles is perfect for scraping on paint or applying modeling paste. The palette knife on the right is what I like for applying collage papers with matte gel.

Last on the list for today is the glues and adhesives I use. Decoupage is a wonderful matte glue. I apply it with an older abused brush. It's perfect for collage on canvas. Collage Pauge (in the middle) is awesome because it pours/squirts out the top. It's perfect for traveling and making art on the go. I took it camping with me last fall. The jar on the right is matte gel. I use it to apply with my palette knife. It's great for working out the globs of glue when collaging.

That's all for today. I'd love to hear what your favorite art supplies are! Check back tomorrow for more supplies!

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