Monday, June 2, 2014

My Favorite Supplies Week

I'm trying to work on writing more often. It's something that I really use to do in other ways and all the sudden it's like I fell off the face of the planet. 

I am done homeschooling until the end of summer! Feels good to take a break and have more time and energy for making art and taking care of everything else. My first year of homeschooling went well. It was tough at first. After my boys understood my expectations and I found better ways of working with them, things got much better. 

I thought this week I would tell you a little about my favorite supplies. Every day this week I will write about a small selection of my go to tools.

These are my favorite pencils! I usually sketch with my HB Staedtler pencil or my Prismacolor Ebony pencil. I use a black Prismacolor colored pencil to outline my girls' faces and clothes. I also it to outline other things in my art. I use a medium charcoal pencil from Prismacolor for shading on my girls faces. The General's Sketch & Wash pencil for shading around quotes on washi tape.

My favorite black pen in the world is the Permaball black pen. I order mine from The Signo Uniball white pen is the best white gel pen I've tried yet. Sharpie has pens made with water-based paint. They are my favorte. I'm not a fan of those made with oil. The sharpie posterpaint pens are great in my art journal. The Liquitex paint marker was a trial I got for free. I love it to make bands of color with the chisel nib and then write words on the lines created.

Caran d'ACHE makes the best water soluble crayons that I've tried. I've used them mostly for marks, scribbles and doodles in my art. The 7 shown are my favorite for that use. They are Payne's Grey, Prussian Blue, Lilac, Indigo Blue, Malachite Green, Toledo Brown and Greyish Black. I've also created some beautiful art in my journal with just the crayons. Sometimes I use them for shading or adding color to my girls' faces. Their possibilities are endless!

Portfolio makes some really creamy, delicious, water soluble oil pastels! I love to add these to make marks, scribbles, or doodles on my art too. They are great for art journaling too! These are my go to colors! Pink, white, yellow, slate grey, light blue, and black. You can buy them in packs of 12 or 24. They can be easily found on Amazon, as Michael's and Hobby Lobby don't carry them. Blick does carry them too.

Lastly, I'm sharing my favorite oil pastels. I use them like the other pastels, but I also use them for my girl's faces. My favorite Cray-Pas colors are pink, light blue and dark blue. I think I only have the 25 pack of those. Gallery has some awesome fluorescent oil pastels. I love the hot pinks, neon red, purple and teal-ish color. My new favorite is Caran d'ACHE! I only have a couple of color so far, but I'm hoping to get more for my birthday. The blend so beautifully, without lifting in color. 

Well, that's all for today. I'd love to hear about your favorite supplies! Check back the next 4 days for more of my favorite supplies!

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