Saturday, April 14, 2012

Art Journaling

Art journaling is something I've been playing with for awhile.  I love it! I art journal pretty much everyday.  I have one journal that I use at home and I have one I take with me everywhere.  I use many different kinds of media.  I use acrylic, collage, stamping, watercolor, PITT pens and more.  There is no wrong way to art in a journal.  It's all about being free and experimenting.  It can be a private place to express yourself.

I'm hoping to teach workshops on art journaling soon.  I do hope to use art journaling in a ministry too.  I want to help others in healing, in seeing their identity in Christ, for connecting with God and for their spiritual walk.  An example would be when I was 3 to 6 I was terribly scared of storms. We moved when I was 5 and I met an older girl who lived across the street.  I remember she was hanging out with me in the hallway of our apartment complex and it was storming.  I told her how scared I was.  She told me that when it thunders that the angels were bowling or God was moving furniture.  From that day I wasn't so scared of storms.  So with art journaling I can use paint, other visuals and words to make a page of how I was scared, but God made a way to comfort me.  I even have a picture of the girl that I will put on that page.  It's neat flipping through the pages of my art journal seeing what I was struggling with or seeing encouragement for when my feelings try to get the best of me.  I want to help people see things differently.  I want them to see the good things in all the bad things. I want them to know how people will let us down and not meet our needs, but God loves us so much and will help us get our needs met one way or another.  I want to help others forgive others who don't know how to meet our needs, or are going through things and can't, or are selfish and won't help our needs.  I want them to trust God to change that person and if they don't change, for God to give them the consequences for it.  He's better at it anyway!  I want to help others see God active in their life, even before they really knew Him.  Those are just some ideas.  I'll keep praying and see where God leads me.  :)

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