Sunday, April 22, 2012

Roaring Bear Art Journal Pages

Three weeks ago I was feeling very grumpy.  I tried to take a nap, but I couldn't sleep.  I finally went down to my studio and decided to work in my art journal.  I picked up some bright colors of paint, that I thought wouldn't make a pretty mood wasn't pretty.  After I applied all the crazy paint colors with an old credit card, I found a picture of a bear in a magazine.  I added him to one of the pages.  I felt like a grumpy bear.  I took some foam stamp letters and spelled out roar.  I felt like I was roaring at others.  I painted more details to the word.  Next I took a cloud stamp I picked up the day before, and filled it in with some paint.  I added others stamps too.  While doing all this I kept praying, asking why I was in this mood.  My answer came while expressing all my emotions on the pages.  Grumpiness has other causes....anger does.  There is always a different emotion causing the anger.  There was an underlying issue that I was able to answer before art journaling.  I was upset.  I want to teach art journaling.  I have dreams of helping others through art.  I had negative feelings of my dream never coming true.  After I finished art journal pages, I felt so much better.  I had so much fun figuring out why I was upset.  The photo above is that day's art journaling.  I hope you give it a try the next time you feel like you are in a funk.

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