Sunday, April 22, 2012

Take Flight or Stay Still Art Journal Pages

I finished these art journal pages last night.  I had been working on them over the past week.  On the left, there is a note I wrote.  Year ago, I was listening to the Bible on my ipod as I was going to sleep.  I heard "Cover the earth".  I knew God was telling me something.  The next day my husband was prompted about promoting and moving to Idaho.  I thought "cover the earth" meant we were suppose to move.  We went with it for a while.  It killed me because I didn't want to move.  I kept praying about what God meant by "cover the earth".  While praying one day, I saw a sign ... literally a sign and a sign.  ;)  It was the Sherwin-Williams sign.  It had a picture of a paint bucket pouring red paint over the earth.  It read "Cover the Earth" on the paint poured over the earth.  I thought maybe God wanted me to talk to someone who worked at Sherwin-Williams.  Now I'm wondering if I'm suppose to paint or teach others to paint.  I have a choice to take flight or stay still.  The choice is mine.

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